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Advice From Customer Learning Leaders

Customer Learning Leaders Reveal Their Secrets to Success

In this webcast series (with bonus Bite-Sized Advice clips below), we interview several highly successful customer education practitioners and industry experts to curate insightful takes on learning, get a glimpse into the future of the industry, and collect best practices you can walk away with.

In each 15-minute episode, we’ll spotlight a single question and examine it with the help of these trailblazing voices in customer education.

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My advice to anyone trying to scale a customer education group is to make sure you’re building out your metrics – so you can prove your ROI from the beginning.

Tom Studdert
VP of Customer Onboarding & Education

Episode 1:

#1 Mistake a Customer Learning Program Can Make 

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In these short clips, we share some of our favorite “aha!” moments from our interviews with innovative leaders in customer learning.

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