The 2022 State of Customer Education

This panel webinar spotlights insights from Thought Industries’ 4th annual State of Customer Education Report. This year, we partnered with premier global market intelligence firm IDC to produce a survey that illuminates the impact of customer and extended enterprise education across the buyer journey.

Join host Tyler Foster, Senior Learning Strategist at Thought Industries and his guests Imtiaz Alam, Merchant Education Lead at Shopify, Daniel Quick, SVP of Content Strategy at Thought Industries, and Brian Childs, VP of Product Marketing at Thought Industries for an exciting discussion on the biggest drivers and benefits of modern customer education.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How customer education programs are achieving returns across the customer lifecycle
  • The gains that are possible for programs as they level up their maturity 
  • Investment trends and key benefits in the industry

Our experts discuss top report findings, reflect on the past year, and explore implications for the future of the industry–so you can stay informed and ahead of the curve.

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