Market Traders Institute Migrated 4K Clients and Increased their Site Visits 15% with Thought Industries


See how partnering with Thought Industries helped Market Traders Institute boost client engagement

Market Traders Institute provides training and software for the trading industry. They are the only online trading institute dedicated to helping traders build and reach their investment goals. They sought out a learning platform that could help them grow the training they offer and increase site visits week-to-week.

Their learning approach combines online content, in-person events, and virtual webinars to provide their best-in-class trader training.

The Thought Industries team didn’t just focus on their product with us, they worked to help us understand and meet our business needs. As we implemented and provided feedback, they were growing their platform and teaching us the best practices for leveraging the platform to meet our goals.”

Marc McLain, Product Owner, Market Traders


Market Traders struggled to engage with learners and increase their return visitors week over week.


With Thought Industries, Market Traders migrated 4,000 customers and increased their week-over-week visits 15% in 6 months.

The Challenge

Market Traders Institute needed a scalable system to sell their courses, content, and events. Their previous system lacked the essentials to meet the demands of their use case, including:

  • Robust commerce capabilities
  • Client and cohort management
  • User-friendly interface

The Solution

Since migrating their learning initiatives to Thought Industries, Market Traders have found strong learner engagement week to week and site adoption across their client-base of over 4K learners.

  • 75% progress towards their goal of 2000 visitors per week
  • Strong partnership with Thought Industries focused on how to achieve success
Adoption Since July 2019
Clients Migrated
Increase in Visitors Week Over Week
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“Our client-base bought into Thought Industries immediately and began adopting the new learning site quickly. After our full launch, we had 100% of our 4K users accessing Thought Industries over the previous system.”

—Marc McLain, Product Owner, Market Traders Institute

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Looking Ahead

Market Traders plans to grow their online learning and training through 2020 after the success they have seen with the Thought Industries learning site. This includes moving their software and internal training to Thought Industries.