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Customer Education is Evolving - How that Impacts You

Over the past five years, companies have increasingly placed customer training in the forefront of their business as a key driver of success. Key benefits like customer engagement, increased adoption rates, and stronger partnerships have proven training to be a consistent gamechanger across industries. At the start of 2020, Thought Industries, along with Claire Schooley Consulting, conducted the annual State of Customer Training Report. With clear trends among the benefits and challenges of training, the shift to virtual training amid a changing landscape brought new priorities to the eLearning space.

This on-demand virtual panel discussion features customer training experts, Melissa VanPelt, Customer Education, Community and Enablement Leader at Seismic Software, Matt Mulholland, Customer Education Manager at Miro, Adam Avramescu, Customer Education and Enablement Leader at Slack and Founder of Customer Education Labs, along with moderator Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries.

In this expert panel, they explore the new normal of customer education and how they see the landscape evolving beyond 2020, including:

  • Ways companies are adapting their learning and training content and delivery
  • How companies are diversifying their learning portfolios and measuring the effectiveness
  • Sharing team and business adaptability challenges and successes

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Meet The Speakers

Barry Kelly - 2018 - 450x450px
Barry Kelly
CEO and Co-Founder, Thought Industries



Melissa VanPelt
Melissa VanPelt
Senior Director of Customer Education and Community, Seismic Software



Adam Avramescu
Head of Global Customer Enablement and Training, Slack



Matt Mulholland
Matt Mulholland
Customer Education Manager, Miro