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6 Weeks from Internal LMS to Next-Gen Customer Education Certification Program

How a Global Trade Association COO Went From Challenge to Solution On Budget and Ahead of Schedule

For over thirty years, BSA | The Software Alliance has been the leading advocate for the global software industry before governments and in the international marketplace. As part of its educational efforts, BSA provides SAM (Software Asset Management) Certification to enterprise organizations around the world. In an evolving workplace environment, companies are managing transitions to the cloud, cybersecurity, BYOD-policies and growing numbers of remote workforces; making software asset management increasingly complex and critical.

To deliver a certification training program that meets the diverse set of unique needs for end-users and reseller partners, while ensuring a seamless customer buying experience, BSA met an aggressive timeline to transition off an internal LMS to an external customer training platform.

Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries, sits down with Ha McNeill, COO of BSA, to discuss:

  • The challenges BSA faced growing their customer training business with an internal LMS that lacked important capabilities and integration to deliver a better user experience
  • The industry research needed to inform their decision and rapidly deploy a solution
  • How to effectively plan and execute a transition from an internal LMS to an external training platform with minimal customer disruption 
  • Why eCommerce was such an important part of their business solution
  • How BSA was able to market and certify new audiences
  • The value of providing each reseller a unique branded experience

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Meet The Speakers

ha mcneill
Ha McNeil
Chief Operating Officer, BSA | The Software Alliance



Barry Kelly
Chief Executive Officer, Thought Industries