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Course & Content Authoring
Integrated Authoring Tools to Streamline Content Creation

Create Online Courses & Content in the Platform

The Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform™ enables you to create modern, interactive online courses with ease.

Deliver Assessments & Interactive Content

Take advantage of a variety of content and page types such as assessments and quizzes.

Connect with Learners Socially & Visually

Include social collaboration capabilities such as discussion boards, instructor feedback, and webcam video responses.

Curate Custom Media Experiences

Create custom content templates for items such as blogs, videos, and articles to easily produce and manage materials at scale.
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Create Modern Experiences Without Leaving the Platform

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360 Degree Visibility Into All Aspects of Your Learning Operation

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Additional Platform Features
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White-Labeled Sites & Portals
Create fully branded learning sites & dedicated portals which can be built with drag-n-drop widgets or customized with CSS.
Panorama: B2B Licensing
Understand where learners are getting caught up, or how long they are taking at each step of your course in order to improve the experience.
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Content Management
Organize, tag, categorize and update courses and content with ease with powerful content management capabilities.
Commerce & Monetization Capabilities
For organizations licensing and distributing content to other B2B clients and partners, get full visibility into engagement and usage.
Credit Tracking & Gamification
Create custom gamification and badging programs, upload icons, and create custom credit rewards.
360-Degree Reporting Insights
Understand where learners are getting caught up, or how long they are taking at each step of your course, in order to improve the experience.
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Learner Management
Provision access to learners in a variety of ways such as Single Sign-On, registration, data syncing and more.
The Thought Industries' Platform comes with many out-of-the-box integrations and an open API for custom integrations.