Why White-Labeling the Online Experience is So Valuable

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Thought Industries
August 23, 2017

Investing in an online learning technology is a great way to educate clients, customers, employees, and partners quickly and efficiently. After creating learning content and building online courses, your organization can then distribute that learning to different groups within your organization or clients outside of your organization. This distribution model can help your organization scale quickly and generate more revenue for the overall business.

But, in order to create an amazing experience for learners, your organization must choose an online learning technology provider that enables you to white-label and customize the learning environment to mimic your unique business to ensure a seamless experience. If you are licensing content or providing training to groups of learners outside of your business such as clients and partners, providing a dedicated and fully branded environment colors, logos, webpage layouts, graphics, etc.) can significantly enhance the experience and promote engagement.
In addition to making the learner feel at home, white-labeled learning environments can increase productivity, help your business attain competitive advantage, and more. Learn why you should invest in technology with these options below:

    • Learners feel at home: When you are shopping for a certain brand of athletic sneakers, you expect to arrive on a webpage that embodies their brand with images of the sneaker, people exercising, or athletes playing a sport. Connecting the visual experience to the product’s purpose is important. The same can be said for online learning. White-labeling can help learners feel right at home when they arrive in their learning environment by using the organization’s unique branding. It’s the little things that count.
    • Productivity increases: Buying online learning technology that can be fully white-labeled with a learning experience that can be tailored to their needs is also a great way to increase productivity. Because learners feel comfortable within the learning environment, they are more likely to embrace the learning faster. Tailoring the learning experience with learners’ needs in mind—mobile, short lessons, video, SSO, etc.—can also enable learning to happen more quickly. An online learning technology can allow your organization to create a unique experience for each group of learners so that they learn, apply what they learn, and boost overall productivity.
    • Competitive advantage: It’s hard to stand out when your organization is using the same off-the-shelf technology as your competitor. Choose technology with site-building, course authoring, and licensing features to set you apart from others offering similar products or services.

When your business is focused on efficiency and scalability, online learning can help by helping you get different learning experience to market faster and boost your business’ bottom line. Research your options and choose the technology that will allow your organization to offer the learning experience your learners deserve.

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