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There Has Never Been a Better Time To Launch an Online Learning Business

Barry Kelly
May 14, 2015 10:43:00 AM

 The time is now. The amount of innovation and progress made in online learning in the last 10 years is mind-boggling. Not only have the online learning platforms improved, but so has the technology to create course content. Today, anyone with a smartphone can create course content, complete with videos, photos, presentations, slideshows, music and voice-overs.


Some reasons why it's never been a better time to launch an online learning business:

  • Technology has driven significant innovation in online learning, offering better experiences for learners, course creators and business owners.
  • Cloud-based learning systems have drastically reduced the cost of delivering online programs.
  • With a wider array of courses available, customers have driven demand for better online learning experiences.
  • The costs to staff and support online learning programs have fallen dramatically. Some of our clients have full online learning businesses that are managed and run by one person! Ten years ago, it would have taken 10 or more employees.
  • New non-traditional organizations are entering the education space, bringing creative online learning to the mainstream.
So if you are thinking about online learning for you business, make sure you know all the options. Pilots and smaller toe-in-the-water projects are a great way to validate and build a business incrementally. 

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