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Three Ways to Enhance Your Online Learning Business

Stephen Newman
Jan 8, 2016 11:36:51 AM

Building an online learning business means developing a lot of educational content. Modules, training materials, interactions, online courses, on-demand videos, and other assets are often required to deliver an engaging learning experience. The challenge with all of this content is that this content can quickly become inconsistent or outdated and is often difficult to author and maintain.


Technologies used to manage, sell, and curate learning materials can quickly become antiquated and disconnected, so it’s important to have a strategy that enables you to stay on top of the process, while monetizing it and improving time-to-market. For example, F+W, a leading content and eCommerce company, faced very similar challenges but were able to scale their learning business simply by improving their technology and overall strategic approach.


Read the full story of F+W's success: "Transforming Learning Experiences & Engaging Customers."




Here are three ways you can enhance your learning business:

  1. Consolidate your learning content: By managing your content from a single platform, everything is in a centralized location making access and updates easier and quicker. Disconnected technologies can slow down a business, so its important to have a seamless way to manage all your assets from a single platform.
  2. Integrate your products: Many companies are using content as an opportunity to cross sell and upsell physical and digital products. If your learning platform doesn’t have these capabilities, you may be missing out on additional revenue streams and relevant ways to promote your products.
  3. Improve time-to-market: Companies with multiple digital learning properties can find it difficult to easily build fully branded sites, so it’s important to use a platform which can allow you to quickly build learning sites without heavy coding. Building a learning business, even across multiple properties should take weeks, not months.

F+W faced the challenge of having disconnected technologies with limited feature sets, and decided to migrate all their content and microsites to the Thought Industries platform. By consolidating everything to a single technology, F+W was immediately able to take advantage of a number features such as being able to offer physical and digital product sales to improve cross sell and upsell opportunities, and quickly build white-labeled microsites across all of their digital properties. These types of improvements from both a management and promotions standpoint helped F+W grow and scale their eight-figure learning business using Thought Industries.


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