Thought Industries Names Therese Kelleher as Vice President of Operations

Thought Industries
Jul 16, 2019 3:58:34 PM

Armed with 20+ years of customer-centric leadership, Therese joins the Boston office.

Boston, MA, July 16, 2019  Thought Industries, one of the fastest-growing online learning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, is proud to announce the addition of Therese Kelleher as Vice President of Operations.

ThereseTherese joins Thought Industries with over 20 years in  customer-centric leadership roles. She is bringing her  global business background to accelerate growth at  Thought Industries and establish practices for long-term success for both their customers and employees. Her start-up and enterprise-level experience in sales, strategy, account management and global management equip Therese with a portfolio of success tactics as she continues her career with Thought Industries.

“I’m excited Therese is joining our team and feel fortunate we found such a great candidate with leadership experience across multiple departments and at a global scale,” said Doug Murphy, President of Thought Industries. “With her long history of success, she will, without a doubt, have an enormous impact on our business. We’re eager to see her success with our team here at Thought Industries.”

With her new role, Therese will move the business forward with her cross-departmental skillset and mature the company culture through strong community initiatives. Therese came across Thought Industries as a prospective client and the passion she heard from the team motivated this career move to join as the Vice President of Operations.

"I first learned about Thought Industries while researching customer training solutions for my previous company,” said Therese. “Talking with the Thought Industries team and hearing their passion piqued my interest in the company. In reading their blog and thought leadership materials, I found a clear parallel in that both Thought Industries and myself have a customer-centric mindset. I look forward to building initiatives that further develop their unique, growth-driven infrastructure."

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