Thought Industries Appoints Sarah Camacho to VP of People Operations

Thought Industries Appoints Sarah Camacho to Vice President of People Operations

Alex Forbes
Nov 16, 2020 12:03:42 PM

BOSTON – November 16, 2020 – Thought Industries, the world’s leading B2B customer training platform provider, today announced the appointment of Sarah Camacho to Vice President of People Operations, effective immediately, reflecting the organization’s continued focus on improving the employee and customer experience.

As part of the leadership team, Camacho will oversee all employee-facing operations, including HR, employee onboarding, culture, professional development, benefits, performance management, and ongoing employee experience. Camacho will report directly to Barry Kelly, CEO. Sarah Camacho - VP of People Operations

“Culture is vitally important to our success,” said Barry Kelly, CEO, Thought Industries. “We have had an amazing partnership with Sarah since the day the company was founded. In a consulting capacity over the past six years, she has overseen HR, bookkeeping, payroll, accounting and has been part of our DNA. It’s with great pleasure to welcome her to the leadership team to support our employees’ career development, advancement and well-being.”

“I’m looking forward to working more closely with this talented group of individuals so that everyone at the organization continues to feel supported, recognized and engaged, positively impacting our next stage of growth, and in turn extending that value to our customers,” said Sarah Camacho, Vice President of People Operations, Thought Industries. “We’ve always been a primarily remote workforce, and philanthropic in nature, so ensuring our people feel a sense of belonging, connectedness and continue to be successful in all aspects of their lives while helping others will be a guiding force.”

Prior to Thought Industries, Camacho was the owner of Camacho Financial LLC, an accounting firm specializing in recordkeeping for Businesses, Trusts, and Associations, helping organizations establish effective operations and plans for future profitability. She has worked with Thought Industries since the founding of the company and was instrumental in growing the foundation for the accounting and payroll functions. 

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