Secrets to Great Customer Onboarding and Education

Alyssa Azevedo
Jul 1, 2019 10:04:54 AM

The greatest levers for long-term customer success are quick-strike onboarding and scalable customer education. Here’s how to take them, and the success of your customers, to the next level.

The critical metric of profitability for product companies is customer lifetime value (LTV). That’s how long your customers stay as customers and how much they buy. Thought Industries would like to give you some insights to keep LTV on a steady upward plane.

Onboarding is the most critical part of the customer journey. When you carefully monitor and engage customers throughout product rollout, you put them on a path to success and your company on a path to a lucrative customer relationship.” said Donna Weber, president of Springboard Solutions and principal of KickStart Alliance. “Well-tuned onboarding leads to ‘customer enablement,’ getting customers to adopt your products quickly and efficiently and enable more usage.”

In the new white paper from Thought Industries, Secrets to Great Customer Onboarding and Education Donna presents her recipe for greater onboarding and education with customer education professionals in mind. This paper will show you the tips, tricks, insights and avoidable traps that only come from what is sometimes bitter experience.

Create Customers for Life

Thought Industries commissioned this white paper, and Donna Weber authored it to help customer education and success teams create long term customers, starting with their first steps on the customer journey, with superior customer onboarding, enablement and education.  

“Whether you call what you sell a product, service, ‘SaaS’ (software-as-a-service) or something else, they all have something in common: Your customers need to learn how to use them effectively or they’ll go somewhere else.” Solid advice from Secrets to Great Customer Onboarding and Education. 

Build a customer onboarding program that scales seamlessly with the growth of your company

The whitepaper provides a road map, with some of the waypoints being:

  1. Considerations for Building an Orchestrated Onboarding Program. Customer onboarding is not one-and-done; it’s a continual process that requires an orchestrated approach for the best outcomes. Your goal—even beyond customer onboarding—is customer enablement, helping customers understand the context in which they’re working and how they need to use your product in specific ways.

  2. Six Common Slip-Ups. These are frequent mistakes and blunders, such as “Content, Content Everywhere” that will keep you from realizing the potential of your onboarding and enablement efforts.

Best Practices for Customer Onboarding

Produce scalable content, create learning pathways and personas, leverage a content council, and use the right training platform to bring it all together.

  1. Steps for Producing Scalable Content. Generate high-quality content that scales with the growth of your business, increasingly relying on self-paced eLearning, micro-learning and video.

  2. Essential Learning Technology. Scaling customer onboarding requires technology. Using a learning platform that was designed for customer education helps build customer success and reduce customer churn.

Here, Gordon Johnson writes eloquently about the must-have features to look for when choosing a customer learning platform.

Download the whitepaper, Secrets to Great Customer Onboarding and Education, Tips, Tricks, Insights and Avoidable Traps. It’s free, courtesy of Thought Industries.

Take this hard-won, expert advice and use it to your advantage to increase every customer’s LTV and your long-term success.

Secrets to Great Customer Onboarding and Education

Download this whitepaper to explore the well-tested strategies that keep up with customer growth and best practices for making your onboarding scalable. 


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