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That’s a Wrap: Our Top 5 Blogs of 2020

Alex Forbes
Dec 22, 2020 8:45:23 AM

2020 has been a difficult year. The Thought Industries team feels deep sympathy for everyone who has suffered as a result of the pandemic, and we have nothing but gratitude for our nation’s frontline workers.

However, despite this difficult year, we are proud that we have kept growing and hitting our targets. And alongside a number of positive milestones, we kept standards high here on the blog. We maintained a steady output of high-quality blog content, and offered consistent expertise on all things customer education.

But what were our absolute top posts? The ones that readers enjoyed and found valuable above all else? As this strange year draws to a close, we wanted to offer the blog highlights of the year, as judged by our followers and readers.

Remote Learning: How to Rapidly Shift from ILT to vILT by Mike Dean, published in March 2020

This blog was published at the height of the pandemic, when remote work and online learning were rapidly being instigated across industries. In our 2020 State of Customer Training Report, 56% of respondents said the move from in-person training to remote learning or virtual instructor-led training (vILT) was a top priority. This blog offered eight suggestions to get the transition right. 

“It’s a tremendous opportunity and you should be ready to dive in. There is a huge market for vILT or blended learning in your marketplace. And it’s much more profitable in the long term and should be a part of your learning strategy anyway.”

5 Secrets to Sell Courses with Subscriptions by KJ McGowan, published in March 2020

In this blog, KJ shared some inside knowledge on leveraging the many forms of online subscriptions to boost customer education. Subscription formats have a real staying power, and if you're not taking advantage of subscription-based learning models, you are walking away from a big opportunity to expand your online training sales revenue. This blog outlined some ways to grasp this opportunity, from diversifying your training mix to streamlining your subscription operations.

“The magic of the subscription business, of course, is that you're in a better position to turn your online training into a habit for your customers. Once they've committed to a subscription, they've elevated themselves from a one-time purchaser into a repeat client, which represents both a larger sale and a greater level of engagement with your training.”

3 Critical Steps to Transition From In-Person Training to Remote Learning by Barry Kelly, published in March 2020

Prior to the pandemic, many organizations relied heavily on in-person customer training. But the pandemic changed everything, driving organizations to swiftly shift to remote learning to offer a more scalable, flexible learning experience. Like any rapid operational transition, there are possible tripwires. In this blog, Barry, CEO here at Thought Industries, offered some expertise on getting the transition right. 

“We are working with a group of our customers who are currently making this accelerated transition. The only words of advice: quickly transition to virtual, then immediately work on scalability. It will offer more value and longevity to your training operations.”

Creating Effective Self-Paced Online Courses by Kellie Petruzzelli, published in June 2020

This blog was a recap of our webinar with the same title, featuring our CEO, Barry Kelly, our Director of Product, Jessie Gold, and our Solution Architect, Kellie Petruzzelli. The trio shared how effective self-paced courses are created at Thought Industries. In the discussion, they expired the ideation process, building blueprints, and selecting the right mix of interactions and content to meet the needs of the learner. 

“The self-paced model provides learners with a lot of flexibility. It allows them to take a course when they’re ready, engage in content at their own pace, engage at different levels, pick it up, drop it, and come back later. It offers a different level of convenience and interaction for remote learners.”

Use Online Training Metrics to Improve Your Learning Programs by Daniel Quick, published September 2020

Customer education professionals realize the importance of measuring their learning programs, but can become overwhelmed by the large stream of learner data generated by end users. In this popular 2020 article, Daniel shared some thoughts on converting your metrics into action: using the data you glean from your learning platform to improve your education programs. He shares four clusters of learning metrics that are most important, and how to avoid two common mistakes customer education professionals sometimes make using them. 

“ It's not the numbers themselves that will help you, but how you use the numbers.”

To all our readers: Thank you for making 2020 such a successful year for our blog despite all the disruptions. We’re excited to bring you more valuable insights in 2021, as things (hopefully) start to revert to normal. See everyone next year! Subscribe to our Bi-Weekly Blog Newsletter.

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