Online Learners: Why Advertisers Love Them

Barry Kelly
Jul 15, 2014 4:11:00 AM

Online learners represent an engaged and interested audience for potential advertisers. Consumer learning courses create new profit centers for the companies implementing them, but they can also be a great venue for advertisers. Companies can increase the profit they make off of consumer learning by offering advertisers the opportunity to sponsor an online course, an agreement which can maximize profit for both parties involved. Here are three reasons why advertisers can benefit from sponsoring online courses.


Strong target marketing

Just by signing up for a course, online learners have already demonstrated an interest in a specific market, showing an intention to dedicate time and fiscal resource towards the pursuit of that interest. When you advertise in an online course, there’s no doubt about who you’re reaching. It’s self-selected target marketing. Crafts classes, home improvement courses, cooking lessons, and even professional certification courses—they all have learner bases full of specific people with specific interests. It’s like selling baseball hats at a baseball game. Chances are, the people who already paid to get into the stadium are going to have an interest in some team-affiliated gear.


Online learners are more engaged than the typical web user

Online consumer learning courses demand a high level of interaction from users. There are two reasons for this. One: These learners are on the site because they want to learn. They’re approaching the site with an attitude full of purpose and curiosity. They aren’t just scrolling through a course while waiting in line at the grocery store, they’re engaged with the course because they are ready for new information. Two: Courses are more structurally interactive than much of the web. Learners play videos, click on hotspots, listen to audio clips, take quizzes, work through powerpoint presentations, have discussions with classmates, message back and forth with instructors, take notes, and download materials. Online courses aren’t like television or radio, which play regardless of whether or not someone’s in the room. They’re more akin to books or magazines, as the only way to progress through them is to truly be engaged with the content in front of you.


Online learners spend more time on site

One problem that many companies have to deal with when advertising online is just how quickly web users jump from page to page and site to site. A study from last year showed that the average time spent on Travel and Hospitality, Retail, and High Tech websites was less than 8 minutes. Even in those eight minutes, though, users jump from web page to web page within the site. A Nielsen Norman Group article from 2011 suggests that users spend less than a minute on the average web page. With such frequent movement by web users, it’s difficult for advertisers to get prolonged exposure to potential customers.


By sponsoring an online course, however, an advertiser can put their brand in front of engaged, interested consumers for the entirety of an online course. Learners spend extended periods of time making their way through classes. As they learn, they’ll associate their new-found knowledge with your company, which they’ll see through full advertising pages, roll-in and roll-out video, branded color schemes, and more. Online courses represent and opportunity for your company to establish itself as the one worth turning to the next time a learner has to make a purchase in your field.



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