Bendcare Selects Thought Industries to Scale their Medical Training Services

Thought Industries
Aug 13, 2019 8:35:03 AM

Boston, MA | August 13, 2019 - Thought Industries, the world’s leading online learning platform, was selected by Bendcare to extend their medical training and services into the online space. Bendcare consults with medical professionals empowering them to optimize their practice and deliver better overall patient experiences. Bendcare sought a platform to elevate their training on HIPAA and compliance in order for pharmaceutical companies to educate their employees. 

The Thought Industries platform will provide Bendcare the tools to build and deliver their state-of-the-art compliance and best practice training to leading medical professionals. Bendcare will use the platform to help educate their office staff and clinicians on technology services and clinical best practices in order to optimize their point of care. Bendcare plans to distribute their online learning in client-branded portals by leveraging the Thought Industries Panorama feature.

“We’re eager to see Bendcare achieve their online learning goals with the Thought Industries platform,” said Doug Murphy, President of Thought Industries. “As we continue to grow, medical compliance and training is an ever-expanding space in need of accessible online training and certification management. We firmly believe we have the best solution to fill that need.”

Alex Kirby, Analyst at Bendcare states: “Bendcare is highly enthusiastic about partnering with Thought Industries to distribute our educational materials and training mechanisms. We are optimistic about the potential for increased services we can provide to our physicians, clients and internal team members through the use of this platform. The dynamic design and tractability of the website aligns well with our consistently evolving and expanding network of health professionals dedicated to improving the way healthcare is achieved.”

About Thought Industries
Thought Industries powers the business of learning with our industry-leading learning technology. The company was founded in 2014 around the core belief that online learning experiences should be modern, intuitive, engaging, and scalable. Today, our growing team builds and maintains the only learning solution with completely native tools and integrations that drive higher engagement, learner proficiency, and retention rates for our customers.

About Bendcare, LLC
Bendcare, LLC is a management services and innovation organization to America's largest Rheumatology group practice, American Arthritis and Rheumatology Associates (AARA) operating in 17 states. With over 100 providers since its inception in 2015, AARA gives physicians the ability to empower patients with lifelong chronic diseases. With the new infrastructure solutions powered by Bendcare, Rheumatologists can now standardize and simplify their practice and the care team can focus on quality outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and optimized practice performance. For more information, visit 

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