Life is Good Playmakers: Partnering with Thought Industries to Scale Training and Improve Learner Engagement

Alyssa Azevedo
Aug 28, 2019 3:34:27 PM

The Life is Good Playmaker Program provides training and support to professionals serving children recovering from traumatic experiences.

The Playmaker Program goes beyond the classroom into hospitals and social services to help children heal. The resources provided by the Life is Good Playmaker Program needed to be optimized in order to extend their reach even farther into the world, and they chose to partner with Thought Industries to achieve their goals.

Scaling Professional Training:

The Life is Good Playmaker program began their search for a professional learning solution because they are a small team, and the demand for their services and work was growing much faster than they could provide direct services.

Initially they thought that they needed to create custom learning paths for their Playmakers. They quickly came to the conclusion that what they wanted wasn’t custom, but a platform that was highly customizable. At that point, they switched their entire strategy to focus on how a learning platform could help them scale. 

Given the uniqueness of the Life is Good brand, and how important the feel of their in-person training experience is to what they do, the team was excited that the Thought Industries Learning Business Platform provided them the opportunity to create  beautiful learning content that they had complete control over. 

Improving Learner Engagement:

The Life is Good Playmaker team see their work as revolutionizing the focus of professional learning. They offer a framework and roadmap for building relationships and creating environments that are empowering, connecting, and engaging where kids and adults alike can reach their full potential.

Ellen Lempereur Greaves, Head of Program Operations, stated “The Thought Industries platform is allowing us to solve for stickiness. The reality is, learning doesn’t stick with a single in-person experience but when we can reinforce that learning between and create that continuum of learning, that’s huge for deepening impact in a way that makes it stick.”

Their pilot program has launched, where they have shared some their curriculum with the Playmaker community and their learners love it! The learners found that it was intuitive, they could follow the model, and they were exposed to rich content.

Watch the full case study video here:

Life is Good Case Study

“We feel like we won the lottery with Thought Industries.” 
- Steve Gross, Chief Playmaker, Life is Good Playmakers.

About Life is Good Playmakers:

The term “Playmaker” comes from sports and refers to someone who makes good things happen when their team needs them most.

Simply put, a Life is Good Playmaker is someone who spreads the power of optimism to children who desperately need it.

Through their signature Playmaker Program, the Life is Good Kids Foundation supports the men and women who dedicate their careers to helping children heal from the devastating impact of early childhood trauma.

They provide retreats, tools, and on-going coaching to more than 10,000 childcare professionals (that we call Playmakers) working in schools, hospitals, and social service agencies across the US and Haiti. They help these professionals transform their care settings into optimal environments for kids to learn, heal, and thrive.

Each year their work with Playmakers helps more than 1 million kids overcome the traumas associated with poverty, violence, and illness.

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