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Leveraging Content to Develop Learning Marketplaces and New Revenues

Stephen Newman
Jan 13, 2016 10:08:30 AM

The Thought Industries team recently attended the Business Information and Media Summit (BIMS) conference in Fort Lauderdale. At the event Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries spoke about how we are working with B2B Media and Information Services organizations to build and scale their learning businesses. 


Some of the topics he discussed included monetization models, growth strategies and technology considerations as organizations look to build higher-margin online learning operations.


Many B2B media organizations are already heavily involved in the business of learning, both in-person (at events and training seminars) and online with certifications and webinars. Thought industries is working closely with many organizations in this sector to help them extend the education offerings and support new innovative learning product options. Examples of these options include white-label licensing, sponsored learning, blended learning, lead generation and engagement experiences, in addition to the conventional learning products such as on-demand courses, certifications and webinars.


Learn more by watching the interview with Barry Kelly. 

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