Introducing our New Platform

Barry Kelly
Jul 29, 2014 9:07:00 AM

Here at Thought Industries, we are excited to introduce a new release of our online learning platform. We’re constantly striving to improve our technology and user experience so it better serves our learners, marketers, business owners, instructors, and authors. While the new platform comes laden with many new features we’ve spent a lot of time optimizing the core functionality so you can build better online courses.


Here are five key upgrades that we expect to make a huge difference:


1. Improved, highly integrated eCommerce system

The eCommerce system in our new platform makes life easier, both for our clients and their online learners. Prospects and students now have an online “basket or cart” present throughout their browsing and learning experience, making the purchase of multiple courses and related materials seamless. Add courses, subscriptions and products all at once and simply check out.


2. Totally customizable translation tools

Our new translation tools allow course authors to fully customize every aspect of their online school. Say you don’t want to call your lessons “lessons,” you can rename them to “modules,” “chapters,” “pages,” or whatever suits your business’ needs. This customization spans everything in the system from the “Next” and “Previous” navigation buttons to your “Purchase confirmation” emails. This total customization allows you to stay consistent to your brand’s tone and to ensure that all information is relayed to your client base exactly as you’d like it to be. Best off all it provides internationalization, so go ahead and launch that course in Spanish.


3. Expanded rules engines and webhooks

The new platform has a lot going on behind the scenes as well. Send any event in real-time to your marketing database, email, CRM or reporting system.


4. Improved authoring

One of the most visible improvements to the new platform is the intuitive authoring system that makes course authoring as easy as posting to your blog. The platform is simple to use so that course creators can focus on creating effective, insightful content rather than having to worry about learning to write code or build interactions. Uploading videos, images, audio, and course resources can be done with two clicks; we even allow you to resize images in the browser.


5. Superior mobile and tablet access

While the Thought Industries platform has always been accessible on smartphones and tablets, we have taken our obsession with learning on the go to a whole new level. One of our key goals in creating this upgraded system was making sure that we could deliver our high-quality learning interactions to any device. Take a course on any size screen, any smartphone, any tablet or computer - well maybe not your old commodore 64. Maybe in our next release. 

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