Innovative Educators Expands Its Online Learning Offerings with Thought Industries' Learning Business Platform™

Thought Industries
May 17, 2016 11:23:00 AM
Boston, MA, May 17, 2016 — Today Thought Industries, one of the fastest growing online learning companies and creator of the world’s first Learning Business Platform™, announced continued expansion with Innovative Educators, an industry leading online education and training services organization for students and professionals within higher education. Currently, Innovative Educators is delivering branded learning experiences and licensed content to colleges and universities to improve new student orientation, and will be scaling its offerings to over 150 schools.

“When we began the evaluation process we looked at over 35 LMS providers, but we wanted a partner who could give us the flexibility needed to both scale, and provide customized and mobile friendly learning experiences which were ADA compliant,” said Valerie Kisiel, CEO of Innovative Educators. "The benefit of now being able to quickly create and deploy branded learning sites for our customers from one platform enables us to get to market quickly, and the ease of use allows clients to make content changes on the fly within their own instance."

Earlier this year, Innovative Educators decided to replace its homegrown system and start to transition courses and content onto the Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform™. The result was a whole new suite of available learning products such as blended learning, self-paced courses, and on-demand content which were incorporated into online learning experiences to help improve adoption and engagement.

"Innovative Educators has a great team of content creators and educational instructors who are taking online learning to new levels," said Doug Murphy, President of Thought Industries. "We’re excited to have them on board as a partner and are looking forward to seeing them expand their online offerings in order to reach new markets and audiences.”

About Innovative Educators

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