Customer Education Program Methodology - Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Customer Education Program Methodology

Alex Forbes
Jan 21, 2021 3:42:02 PM

Developing an effective customer education strategy can be a challenge for even the most senior customer education and L&D professionals. For starters, it requires planning and setting goals aligned to your business,  and understanding what your customers need to achieve success. 

Our 2020 State of Customer Training Report found that 96% of companies believe that customer training is important to their organization, yet only 14% believe a majority of their customers are adequately trained. And measuring the value of their customer education programs was a key challenge to improve in 2021. 

Let the following Customer Education Playbook infographic be your guide and a shining reminder to place above your desk on how building a successful customer education program is a continually evolving journey.  Together, let’s create exceptional learning experiences! 

Customer Education Program Methodology

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