How to Select the Right LMS for Customer Education

Post Header How to Select the Right LMS for Customer Education
Thought Industries
August 14, 2019

If you’re on the hunt for the best LMS for managing customer education, then wading through the details of hundreds of learning management systems that focus on employee training isn’t the best use of anybody’s time. There are ways to speed up your search and identify the best solution for training your customers.

First, Ask All the Right Questions

To help you evaluate learning management systems (LMS) for customers, Thought Industries developed a list of most frequently asked questions sales and support professionals have been asked specifically about customer training and learning software. You can download 63 Questions to Consider Before Selecting an LMS for Customer Education for free.

  • In-app training dashboards help individual users jump directly to their own learning pathways;
  • Software-embedded training allows customers to learn on a live version of your software;
  • A certification engine helps your company manage badging and certification programs;
  • The customer portal is a multi-tenant environment for your strategic customers that makes your customer feel as if the application is designed just for them;
  • Built-in content authoring makes it easy to create just-in-time content for new releases and product updates. You’ll be able to integrate different kinds of learning content (such as videos, quizzes, assessments, other interactive tools and social collaboration; and
  • Integrations with Salesforce, online conferencing, marketing and other applications that are essential to the customer learning experience.

Essential Topics that are Important to Finding the Right LMS for Customer Education

The “63 Questions…” guide contains more than just the must-ask questions. You can use it to help develop your assessment process as you evaluate the learning platforms that make up your short list. The questions are organized by essential topics and sequenced to provide you with a roadmap:

  • 4 questions on vendor background
  • 4 questions on implementation and customization
  • 3 questions on updates and enhancements
  • 3 questions on training and education
  • 7 questions on support
  • 4 questions on product ease-of-use
  • 10 questions on learning management
  • 2 questions on course authoring
  • 6 questions on security
  • 4 questions on reporting
  • 2 questions on ecommerce
  • 2 questions on Salesforce integration
  • 5 questions on other forms of integrations
  • 4 questions on gamification and social tools
  • 3 questions on contracts and costs

An Easy LMS Comparison and Decision Tool

We encourage you to use these questions as a guide. Ask every potential vendor all of them. Doing so will make your team smarter and more effective by benefitting from the combined experience of experts and showing that you mean business with the LMS companies you’re choosing to deal with.

The format of the questionnaire allows you to record the answers for an additional LMS provider and then easily compare those answers as you narrow down the choices. Increase the odds that your team will find the LMS that best fits your needs with the least amount of aggravation.

Download Now Maturity Model

The Experience to Evaluate an LMS for Customer Education

When any one of us is faced with a major decision, we are most likely to seek the counsel of peers who have been through this. This resource is just that — the accumulated wisdom and experience of professionals, in a format built for you.

To learn more about how to navigate the evaluation process for choosing the right customer education platform, read Thought Industries’ 63 Questions to Consider.

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