How to Make Learning Happen Naturally Using Online Learning

Emily McLaughlin
Jul 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM

There are a number of ways to make learning happen naturally for your customers, clients, or business constituents. One way to do this is by offering interesting, interactive learning experiences. Another way to do this is by improving accessibility and making learning easy. In this tip, learn how to create better, more natural learning experiences using online learning technology.


 Make Learning Interesting

Those all-company, lecture-style learning experiences don’t work for the average adult learner. Similarly, inviting extensions of your business -- like resellers or partners -- in for a one-day, one-room training might not work either. The attention span for an adult learner is anywhere between 5-20 minutes according to Learning Solutions Magazine. If your learning experiences aren’t broken up into short lessons with hands-on or interactive activities in between, adult learners might struggle to retain the information. Moving learning experiences online could help your adult learners better absorb and retain valuable information.


Make Learners Comfortable

When learners are comfortable, learning will happen more naturally. If your learners are accustomed to learning new material via YouTube videos or reading product specs outside of a classroom environment, recreate similar learning experiences when designing your online courses. If learners work in a collaborative, lively environment, odds are they will want to learn in a collaborative, lively environment. Finally, if learners work remotely or on the road, mimic their daily work life by building an online learning experience just for them.

Online learning technology can help your organization create unique experiences to your unique learners using the content types they gravitate towards whether video-based content, interactive content, or on-the-go content. Learning technology with features like in-platform course authoring tools can help your organization quickly transform courses into all kinds of content types, then distribute that content to customers, clients, or business constituents.


Make Learning More Accessible -- and Easy

To build on this idea of distribution, making learning experiences more accessible will help learners absorb content better. Give learners access to learning content at any time, in any location, and on any device using online learning technology. When learners have access to learning content on the devices they are most comfortable or familiar with, the learning experience becomes more natural -- and easy. For example, for a reseller working in the field or traveling constantly, being able to access learning experience on their mobile device is key. For a customer working through a training or certification program, an online learning platform that allows them to do some training at work, then continue at home could be a game-changer.


There are many different factors that could improve a learner’s experience and make learning happen more naturally. Starting with making learning interesting, comfortable and accessible are great places to start.


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