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Five Business Benefits to Online Learning

Barry Kelly
Jun 24, 2015 9:16:00 AM

What are the benefits of launching an online learning business? Give us a couple minutes and we’ll tell you. Better yet, find out how our clients have used our turn key commerce-enabled platform to engage, educate and empower their customers.

Lamaze International and Unfiltered Media are great examples of organizations delivering exceptional online learning experiences to passionate audiences. A robust eLearning program pays off in more ways than one. 

Deeper engagement, for starters. With a curated learning experience you can nurture the customer relationship right from the get-go. Instead of relying on Facebook, YouTube and other external platforms, you can engage your customers on your own terms, with your own content, and on your own domain.

That’s right. You own it. What’s more, people enrolled in online learning programs tend to stick around. Imagine a customer spending 15, 30, 45, even 90 minutes working their way through a course that’s delivered on your site.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, those are the time on site metrics that our clients see when they invest in consumer learning. Just think what you and your team could do with all that time — and all the opportunities for growing your bottom line!

But increased engagement isn’t the only upside of launching a virtual school for your consumer audience. Here are four more reasons why you should add an online learning component to your business offerings.

Turn Browsers into Buyers

If you’ve been tracking your inbound marketing (like all savvy entrepreneurs do) you know that conversion is the name of the game. But how do you turn catalog surfers into buyers? And those wish lists into completed sales? We’ve seen dramatic shifts in profits when companies like yours offer top notch learning experiences. With a minimum investment of time, staff and resources you can turn your existing content — FAQs, virtual product demos, even live events — into scalable educational modules that will help move your customers from idle browsing to actual purchase.

Drive Adoption

Congrats! You’ve converted a lead into a buyer. But, in business, just like in the circus, nobody likes a one-trick pony. How do you leverage online learning to turn that initial transaction into a long lasting consumer relationship?

Simple. By educating your customer. Whether yours is a physical product or a digital one, a curated online learning experience is a great way to showcase all the bells and whistles.

In today’s on-demand culture your audience wants quality content; they don’t want to wade through endless links and second-tier outlets looking for information on how get the most out of your products and services. So, do the work for them. Bundle your expertise in digital guides, self-directed courses, and instructor led seminars and explore pricing structures and business models for online learning.

Remember, a happy, empowered customer is your best ally. So show them a little TLC with a rich learning program that helps your customers advance their skills, professions, hobbies and passions.

Make Customers for Life

You know the drill. You sell a subscription or deliver your product to a new customer. And then you head back to the top of the marketing funnel.

Sure, you need to bring in new leads. But it’s just as important for you to invest in the folks who’ve already made a purchase.

With a white label fully branded learning platform you can deliver on-demand tutorials, self paced training, and multi-week e-courses the minute your customer hits “pay”.

How? Build a library of courses with mixed media, video and social sharing features, like galleries and discussions, even access to subject matter experts. That way you ensure that your customers are getting quality content, not whatever comes up first on a Google search. So go beyond the email marketing and hook buyers with online training that’ll help them get the best value out of your products.

Create Community

You can win over buyers with information, ideas and tips, yes. But that’s not all your customers crave.

To reap big profits and high margins from direct-to-consumer online learning you’ll need to create value by offering access — to an in-house subject matter expert, a recognized industry guru, or a community of like-minded people. That’s why the best digital learning experiences provide spaces — image galleries, online forums, and the like — where new adopters and longtime customers can connect and communicate.

After all, who better to spread the word about your business than satisfied customers?

Big Profits and High Margins

Yes, whether you’re a consumer brand, media company, or multi-channel retailer you’ll get a high ROI with a fully branded learning experience. In fact, it’s an investment that pays off in spades — from engaging buyers to boosting profits to shaping the perception of your brand, product and services.

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