eMoney Advisor Set to Launch New Training Platform

Thought Industries
Jun 29, 2017 3:42:09 PM
Boston, MA, June 29, 2017 --Thought Industries, one of the fastest growing online learning companies and creator of the first Learning Business Platform™ today announced a new partnership agreement with eMoney Advisor (eMoney), a financial technology company that provides scalable wealth management solutions for financial professionals firms. eMoney will first use the Thought Industries’ platform for internal training and onboarding. An external eMoney certification program for financial professionals and college students is planned to pilot by end of year.

The Thought Industries’ platform will enable eMoney to launch each of these initiatives, which have been company priorities for some time, using a phased approach. To start, the organization will leverage the platform to deliver employee onboarding and standardized product training, an important educational element for new hires as they begin their careers at eMoney. The training will also be made available to those employees who would like a refresher on product information.

eMoney’s second phase includes the pilot and eventual rollout of an external eMoney certification program. The program is intended to expand proficiency for current and new eMoney users, along with college students and recent graduates in the financial field who want showcase their eMoney expertise as they enter the job market. The Learning Business Platform’s eCommerce capabilities will play a pivotal role in this initiative.

“When it came to selecting a platform, the Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform stood out because of its advanced eCommerce functionality, flexibility of deployment, and overall comprehensiveness,” said Matthew Schulte, SVP, Financial Planning at eMoney. “These features will enable us to launch programs that provide immense value to our employees, clients and the next generation of financial professionals.”

“eMoney Advisor is constantly on the cutting edge of financial technology, not only in the solutions they offer their clients but in the way they leverage education and training for their business,” said Doug Murphy, President of Thought Industries, “Our platform will enable them to scale these online learning programs to multiple parts of their organization, and we’re excited to work with them to grow both their internal and external learning operations.”

About eMoney Advisor

eMoney Advisor, LLC (“eMoney”), based in Radnor, Pennsylvania, is the leading scalable wealth management technology developed for financial professionals, firms, and enterprises of all sizes. Rooted in collaborative financial planning, eMoney’s technology enables financial professionals to build stronger client relationships, streamline business operations, and drive revenue and growth. Developed and perfected by nearly 500 passionate, innovative, and dedicated employees in three locations, eMoney’s solutions transform the wealth management experience for more than 46,000 clients and 2 million end-clients nationwide.

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