Customer Success Spotlight: Active Interest Media

Stephen Newman
Jan 23, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Whether delivering content and education to consumers who are trying to learn new hobbies and enrich their lives, or training and certifying professionals for career development and personal growth, online learning is applicable to audiences of all kinds and can be packaged and monetized in creative ways to encourage engagement.


Since partnering with Thought Industries, Active Interest Media (AIM), a publisher of consumer and professional related content, has been delivering and monetizing online learning across a variety of brands with our Learning Business Platform. They are currently live with five unique brands spanning health, fitness, and active living, and looking to expand into other markets. By being able to utilize the flexibility and rapid deployment capabilities of the platform, they are able to get to market quickly and deliver content and training in a modern way by using interactive media, instructor led learning, social discussion boards, and more. In this video you'll see how AIM is leveraging online learning to connect with audiences better, open up new opportunities, and improve lives.



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