Case Study: Save the Cat

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Feb 10, 2017 5:49:00 PM

Save the Cat!® is an entity of Blake Snyder Enterprises, LLC, an organization educating screenwriters around the world. Blake Snyder, acclaimed screenwriter, authored several books in his Save the Cat! series starting with Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need in May 2005. In 2006, the organization launched its in-person “Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop.”


The title “Save the Cat!” was coined by Snyder to describe a moment when the protagonist in a story does something nice -- for example, saving a cat. Snyder explained that, "it's the scene where we [first] meet the hero," and is written in order to gain audience favor and support for the main character right from the start.




Before launching with Thought Industries, Save the Cat! educated students using Snyder’s books and their weekend-intensive screenwriting workshop. According to Brett Jay Markel, owner and managing member of Save the Cat!, there is an over saturation of books on screenwriting, and while Snyder’s books continue to top the charts, the business needed to expand. Currently, Save the Cat! offers in-person workshops which take place in Los Angeles and New York City -- and while many folks travel from far away to attend, introducing online learning will help the organization reach more readers.


Before choosing Thought Industries, Save the Cat! was not offering workshops online.


Using Thought Industries

Save the Cat! will use the Thought Industries Learning Business Platform to deliver their “Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop” direct to consumer. The in-person version of this workshop takes place over the course of one weekend at a slightly lower enrollment cap than their online workshop. Save the Cat! is one of the first clients to utilize the new Thought Industries’ enrollment cap features to add a feeling of exclusivity and help build a sense of community throughout the 5-week workshop.


To start, Save the Cat! will only offer one online screenwriting course, but with two instructors leading sessions on an alternating rotation. They will utilize audio, video and discussion feature to recreate the in-person learning experience within their online learning environment.


Why Thought Industries

In May 2017, the organization launched the online version of their in-person workshop using the Thought Industries Learning Business Platform™. According to Brett Jay Markel, owner and managing member of Save the Cat!, the organization reached out to Thought Industries when they observed that a learning environment they admire was powered by the Learning Business Platform. After talking to Thought Industries, the organization felt that the combination of price, usability and functionality made Thought Industries’ platform an obvious choice.


What's Next

While the “Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop” doesn’t utilize many of Thought Industries’ unique and interactive features, Markel says they hope to take advantage of webinar integration, ip cards and other engaging features in the future.


“One feature we are thrilled about is the webinar integration -- it’s perfect for us. Down the road, we hope to use the webinar features within the platform to lead lectures and deliver Snyder’s different screenwriting genres and have customers buy them one off or as a subscription.”

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