Case Study: Independent Publishers Guild

Thought Industries
Jun 30, 2017 9:13:59 AM

The Independent Publishers Guild (IPG), the UK’s largest publishing trade association, recently launched their online learning environment, IPG Skills Hub, using the Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform™.


As an organization, the IPG focuses on providing learning resources and events to a network of hundreds of independent publishers at large, medium, or small publishing groups. Creating valuable learning resources for members has always been the IPG’s primary goal, but the organization is new to online learning. Clare Grist Taylor, publisher of the IPG Skills Hub, explains, “We see our online learning offering sitting somewhere between the informal work-based training that goes on in all publishing businesses all the time and more formal face-to-face, event-based training.



Creating content

After two months post-launch, the IPG has been able to collect stats via the platform suggesting that members are browsing the IPG Skills Hub and showing interest in a variety of courses. In terms of delivery, the IPG is committed to delivering one Resources course per week and one Essentials course per month. Courses are free for IPG members, but that monetization strategy might evolve down the road since Thought Industries offers powerful, integrated commerce capabilities.


Why Thought Industries?

For IPG, implementing online learning is a great way to repurpose their existing learning content. Clare Grist Taylor, publisher of the IPG Skills Hub, says, “Delivering content in a online learning environment is better -- and more effective -- than sending our learners PowerPoint or slideshow presentations.”


IPG selected Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform™ to deliver their online learning experience because the platform is intuitive, had great tagging features, and there is a great range of content types. Down the road, Taylor says the organization is excited to use the video editing tools to annotate their video content.


The Future of Learning at IPG

Right now, the IPG is using the platform to deliver text-based learning to its members. In the near future, the organization plans to utilize video and audio content authoring tools within the Thought Industries’ platform. The IPG runs two large conferences per year and hopes to repurpose content from those -- and other events -- in the form of audio recording or annotated videos. This is a learning offering that Taylor views “more valuable than sending PowerPoint presentations out after an event or conference.”

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