Boston, MA, July 14, 2016 — Thought Industries, one of the fastest growing online learning companies and creator of the first Learning Business Platform™, today announced a new partnership agreement with Bio-Therapeutic, an industry leader in advanced skincare products and technology. Bio-Therapeutic will be complementing their current live webcast training with new interactive and self-paced learning courses to help train a global network of skincare professionals.


Bio-Therapeutic will be leveraging the Thought Industries’ platform to deliver online learning to multiple business channels across the corporation. In addition to developing online courses and materials for internal employees, Bio-Therapeutic will be expanding its reach to an extended network of enterprise learners including partners and resellers. This strategy will help streamline on-boarding and new product launches, while also improving communications across all business channels. 


“Since we offer complex skin care technology and products which require a high level of understanding, we needed a scalable way for our product experts to be able to quickly create and release educational courses for our learners without the help of IT resources,” said David Suzuki, CEO of Bio-Therapeutic, “We chose Thought Industries because the platform enables us to easily build out customized learning programs with simple drag and drop functionality, but is also powerful enough to reach a global audience.”


“There is a growing trend of organizations needing to educate and train learners which are vital extensions of the business, such as partners and resellers, in order to maximize revenue opportunities” said Doug Murphy, President of Thought Industries, “Bio-Therapeutic recognizes the value in being able to quickly create and distribute product information across their network, and we’re excited to be able to team up with them to deliver that online experience.”


About Bio-Therapeutic

Bio-Therapeutic, the world leader in esthetic technology, was established in 1974, and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.  With a firm belief in advancing skincare technology, Bio-Therapeutic has repeatedly revolutionized the skin care industry with their cutting edge, non-invasive, and age defying equipment and award winning products including the bt-PRO® line, bt-accent® line, bt-GEAR® handheld technology, and the bT-Ceuticals® advanced product offering. Learn more at