Audio and Video Transcription Tools Help Create More Content

Emily McLaughlin
Mar 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Content is king (so they say). To put it simply, more content equals more traffic to your site, and more traffic to your site equals more business. Transcribing audio or video recordings can help learning businesses stretch content out as much as possible.

Most online learning businesses don’t need to transcribe audio or video recordings regularly. To take advantage of great transcription opportunities when they do arise, make sure your learning business has a favorite tool—or set of tools—on the back burner.

Whether you are creating the course content, marketing the course content or selling the course content, transcription tools have a variety of use cases:

  • Course creators: If a course leader records a lecture or instructional video, learners may want the option to read that lecture. In the Learning Business Platform™, the transcript and video can be viewed side-by-side. There is functionality to update the text at certain cue points in the video. The course leader could also use the transcript to create a quizzes, tests, flip cards, etc. Finally, if a course leader recorded an hour-long lecture but only wanted to post a ten minutes of it, they could include a full transcript of the lecture to supplement the shorter video.
  • Marketing your courses: Do you manage a blog or website landing pages to promote your courses? Use transcripts from informational webinars, client calls or popular courses to populate those pages.
  • Selling your courses: Similar to marketing, if your sales team conducted a webinar as part of an informational session, you might want to use the transcript to create collateral like informational packets, follow-up emails, etc.

Freebies or free trials

There are a number of free transcription tools or free service trials out there. Experiment before investing in a service.

  • Trint: Trint is an auto-transcribing service offering 30 minutes of audio or video transcription for free when you sign up. Users drop their audio or video files into Trint and turnaround is less time than the original recording time.
  • oTranscribe: oTranscribe is a free service, but it does not turn audio into text for as a service. Instead, it eliminates the need to switch back and forth between audio and writing applications as you transcribe. Users can pause, play, rewind and fast-forward without taking your hands off the keyboard. Transcribe is a similar service.
  • YouTube: Anyone can access the transcript for a YouTube video by visiting the video page, clicking “More” under the video, and then selecting “Transcript.” To transcribe your video or audio recording, upload it to YouTube and follow the same instructions. Note: This isn’t always accurate, especially if there is background noise, your speaker has an accent or if the speaker is talking quickly.

Pay-per-minute options

When it comes to investing in transcription tools, you pay for accuracy, convenience and delivery speed. Most pay-per-minute services are around $1 per minute. If you want to speed up delivery time or transcribe a recording with more than one speaker, it could cost you upwards of $3 per minute.

  • Rev: Rev charges $1 per minute for a transcription with a one hour turnaround time.
  • TranscribeMe!: Depending on your needs, TranscribeMe! could cost your learning business less than $1 per minute.
  • Scribie: Scribie costs users $0.75 per minute for a 5 day turnaround. That price jumps to $3 per minute for a rush, twelve hour turnaround.
  • NoNote: The NoNote service transcribes phone calls for $.075 per minute -- or $40 per hour -- with a 3 day turnaround. If there is more than one speaker in your recording, or you want a faster turnaround time, or you want timestamps included, prepare to pay extra.
  • Speechpad: Like many other transcription tools, Speechpad offers $1 per minute rate, but with a one week turnaround. Like NoNote, you pay extra for timestamps and verbatim transcripts (which include ums, ahs, stuttering, coughing, crying and other ambient sounds).


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