A Big Thank You to the Customer Education Community

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Daniel Quick
January 27, 2021

Last December, just before the holidays, we at Thought Industries received a surprise gift. We won the first ever Awesomeness in Customer Education (ACE) Vendor of the Year award from! According to their website, this award recognizes customer education vendors for excellence in Product Innovation, Service and Community Engagement.

I am particularly proud of this award because the ACE Awards are nominated and selected by members of the community–professionals in the customer education space. It’s an honor to be recognized by your peers, and I think it reflects our commitment to supporting anyone who is doing this valuable work. The more we elevate the voices of our leaders and provide helpful research and tools, the stronger our industry becomes. Our mission is to champion customer education and training professionals and amplify their impact on their organizations.

I am totally bought into this vision. It’s the reason why I joined Thought Industries 8 months ago, and why I now feel so excited to lead our new Learning Strategies team. This team is entirely focused on designing learning experiences that further the success of our employees, our customers, and our community. Our North Star Metric is the relative growth of the customer education industry. We will consider ourselves successful only after business leaders across the globe fully understand the impact of their customer education teams.

In the coming months, we invite you to join us as we examine pressing problems facing professionals in our industry. Among other topics, we’ll explore how to develop an effective program strategy, engage learners, and measure impact. We’ll also have a special announcement about our industry conference, COGNITION 2021, coming soon!

To everyone in the customer education and training community: Thank you for the incredibly important work that you do. Your efforts inspire us at Thought Industries to imagine and innovate each day. Together, we will continue to highlight the role of customer education as an integral driver of business success.

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