5 Benefits of Integrating Your CRM and Online Learning Solution

Emily McLaughlin
Sep 13, 2017 3:53:00 PM

Businesses using customer relationship management (CRM) software often notice the positive impact immediately when used correctly. CRM applications like Saleforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Fusion CRM and Zoho are proven to increase sales and productivity, while also allowing you to manage your customers and contact databases. The possibilities are endless with CRMs, and when coupled with a learning solution it opens up other opportunities to engage with customers and prospects in new ways.

When you link your online learning platform to your CRM, the value of your CRM increases. As your learners make purchases and complete courses, data is automatically sent from the online learning technology to the CRM which streamlines a number of business processes. Below are some of the perks of integrating your CRM with an online learning application.

Automate Processes

By leveraging data syncing and automated triggers, businesses can start to automate many manual processes such as on-boarding new employees or even customers and couple them with learning paths. When the records are added or updated in your CRM, this can set off a series of automated events such as email communications on new available courses, accelerating your productivity and ability to keep learners in the know.

Track Customer Activity

Knowing what your learners purchase&mdsash;and when&mdsash;is valuable, and knowing when they complete a course can open up additional engagement opportunities. By integrating your CRM so that everyone in your organization—not just online learning administrators—have a clear view of learner activity, this can allow everyone—sales, marketing, HR, etc.—to take action. For example, if a marketing manager see that a learner had completed a course, they can start sending new or relevant marketing materials and learning content to them automatically.

Monitor Real-Time Sales Data

One major incentive for using CRM software and apps is that data and results are presented automatically. Also, in many cases, your business has the ability to create custom reports to dig in on what's important to you. Having online learner data automatically sent to your CRM keeps reporting up-to-date and helps your business make decisions to boost sales.

Improve In-House Productivity

Give your team more time to work on important tasks. Automation and integrations really help boost internal productivity. Save your team time by linking CRM to your online learning technology so that user uploads happen—and user activity is recorded—automatically. This gets one manual activity off your team's plate.

Keep Familiar Tools Close

If you are launching a new online learning initiative and your business is already up and running on a beloved CRM, the last thing you want to do is abandon the CRM. Plus, odds are not everyone person interacting with your CRM will need to interact with your online learning environment. Integrating a CRM application with online learning technology will allow different internal groups to see all data from your online learning initiatives without having to learn new technology.

CRM integrations for online learning can really help your business operate like a well-oiled machine. Seamless integrations and the automatic transfer of data will keep all business constituents happy and informed. Having data in one place—your CRM—will also help your business development and sales teams make decisions to help improve sales operations and improve overall productivity throughout the organization.

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